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large selection of Mazes to print and color. Your child can also create their own maze on free graph paper printouts.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Airplane Maze Activity Page Airplane Maze Activity Page
OK, ace its time to fly through the maze. Good luck on your mission, I hope you earn your wings!
Apple Maze Activity Sheet Apple Maze Activity Sheet
Pick the right path for the apple to land safely into the orchard basket. And when your done you can have fun coloring the page.
Baseball Maze Activity Coloring Page Baseball Maze Activity Coloring Page
Don't strike out on this baseball activity maze. Round the bases slugger and score some points for the home team. And when your done running the bags, pull out ...
Bat Activity Coloring Page Bat Activity Coloring Page
Best of luck when you fly through this spooky bat maze. Be careful of dead ends and dead branches, as you try to get back to the haunted mansion.
Bear Maze Activity Color Page Bear Maze Activity Color Page
Be careful and help the freezing cold grizzly bear find his cave so he can start his hibernation. When done you can color the maze!
Beaver Activity Maze Coloring Sheet Beaver Activity Maze Coloring Sheet
Bernie the beaver needs to get back to his home before dark. Can you help him home through the river and log filled forest? Don't forget to color the maze when ...
Bible Maze Activity Sheet Bible Maze Activity Sheet
Help guide the angel to the testament in the Bible maze. Beware of temptation and dead ends along the way.
Bird Nest Activity Maze Bird Nest Activity Maze
Help the mother robin safely deliver the worms into the baby chicks mouth.
Bus Activity Maze Bus Activity Maze
Help guide the tour bus through the empty desert, without hitting a dead end.
Boat Activity Maze Boat Activity Maze
Help the man in the boat get back to his dock. Careful not top capsize or run into trouble along the way.
Butterfly Activity Maze Coloring Page Butterfly Activity Maze Coloring Page
Help the floating butterfly get to the flower. And when your done with the maze you can color the entire sheet.
Cake Activity Coloring Maze Cake Activity Coloring Maze
Try and beat the hot wax to the bottom of this double stack cake maze. And when your done racing around the frosting, don't forget to color it!
Car Coloring Activity Maze Car Coloring Activity Maze
Guide this car around every mountain turn, and get him safely through the roadside cliffs. But beware wash outs and dead ends on your colorful journey!
Cat Activity Coloring Maze Cat Activity Coloring Maze
Help the lazy cat through the maze and to his tiny mouse friend. Don't worry about them they are great friends. Try coloring the maze page when your done too.
Christmas Activity Maze Coloring Page Christmas Activity Maze Coloring Page
Merry Christmas! Can you help Santa get safely down the chimney to deliver presents and stuff all the kids stockings. Just be careful not to wake anyone on your...
Cow Maze Activity Coloring Sheet Cow Maze Activity Coloring Sheet
Help old Mc'Dondald through the maze and get to his cow. She needs to be milked and she is getting restless. Be careful not to trip over the milk pail and remem...
Deer Maze Activity Coloring Sheet Deer Maze Activity Coloring Sheet
Help guide the majestic buck through the dangerous forest to be safely reunited with his family. Did we mention it's hunting season, so be careful, and feel fre...
Dinosaur Maze Activity Color Sheet Dinosaur Maze Activity Color Sheet
Help the baby brontosaurus give his mommy a kiss. Be careful not to trip over her large tail! I hope that volcano doesn't erupt anytime soon. And please do colo...
Dog Maze Coloring Activity Dog Maze Coloring Activity
Put this dog in his doghouse! I know the bone looks tempting, but the house has a warm bed and dish full of his favorite food. Go ahead and start coloring the p...
Dolphin Maze Coloring Activity Page Dolphin Maze Coloring Activity Page
Guide flipper to the top of the ocean, so he can jump waves with his friend along side the cruise ships.
Dragon Maze Coloring Activity Sheet Dragon Maze Coloring Activity Sheet
Help the knight get to the dragon and save the castle. Be weary thing could really heat up.
Easter Maze Coloring Activity Page Easter Maze Coloring Activity Page
Peter cotton tail has to deliver one last egg into the Easter basket. Can you help him? Hurry the sun is on the rise!
Elephant Maze Coloring Activity Sheet Elephant Maze Coloring Activity Sheet
Dumbo would like you to help him get to his peanuts. And believe me, you don't want to anger an elephant. Why don't you add some color with your crayons after y...
Fairy Maze Activity Coloring Page Fairy Maze Activity Coloring Page
Help the tiny fairy find her magic wand. Watch out for the ugly toad along the way. And when your done with the activity why not add a little color to this shee...
Fall Coloring Activity Maze Fall Coloring Activity Maze
Help this last leaf get in the the burn pile. Watch the wind won't pick up and guest the leaf away. It would be nice to add some fall colors to all these plain ...
Activity Diver Coloring Sheet Maze Activity Diver Coloring Sheet Maze
The deep sea diver needs to get back above water he is almost out of breath. Watch out for rafts, fish and don't get tangled up in seaweed. Just swim slow till ...
Flower Box Activity Coloring Maze Page Flower Box Activity Coloring Maze Page
This potted plant is looking to join his friends who are safe and sound in the window planters box. Don't forget to water him when you get there, and add some c...
Football Maze Coloring Sheet Football Maze Coloring Sheet
Blue 42, Blue 42, hut, hut, hike! Lets see if you can kick the ball through the uprights in this activity challenge. Make sure your laces are tied tight twinkle...
Fox Activity Maze Color Sheet Fox Activity Maze Color Sheet
I'm not sure if we should be having these two meet. But they say everything is fine and that its not uncommon that a fox and a mouse are friends.....yeah right....
Frog Activity Maze Page Frog Activity Maze Page
Help the bull frog get a snack. Guide his hops from lily pads to pads until he catches the bug with his tongue. And please color the maze when you are done.
Baby Giraffe Maze Activity Coloring Page Baby Giraffe Maze Activity Coloring Page
Aaaawwwww. Help the little baby giraffe find his mommy again. Be careful as you travel across the dangerous plains to find her. And after you find mommy, give t...
Goat Coloring Activity Maze Sheet Goat Coloring Activity Maze Sheet
Oh NO! Billy the goat has lost his bell! Can you help him find it. Maybe the chirping bird can help guide you to it. Dont forget to color the big red barn when ...
Groundhog Acticity Coloring Maze Groundhog Acticity Coloring Maze
Help our furry friend back to her den. She needs to feed her baby and keep him nice and warm. Watch out for the tractor don't get run over.
Halloween Maze Coloring Page Halloween Maze Coloring Page
Ooooohhh,help the furry bat find his friend Jack-o-Lantern! You will have to look out for the ghosts and be weary of witches on this hallow's eve.
Horse Maze Activity Coloring Picture Horse Maze Activity Coloring Picture
Help the baby colt find her mother. Gallup past the obstacles on the farm and follow the correct trail to safety. And when all are happy and reunited, you shoul...
Icecream Activity Coloring Maze Icecream Activity Coloring Maze
Help Max get to his double scoop ice cream cone! Don't be tempted by other sweets along the way. Can you color the scoops of ice cream your favorite flavor? How...
Kangaroo Activity Maze Page Kangaroo Activity Maze Page
Little Joey would like to get back to his mommy and sleep in the nice warm pouch. See if you can safely guide him back to her. Well go ahead, hop to it! And don...
Lamb Circle Coloring Maze Lamb Circle Coloring Maze
Oh boy. This coloring circle maze looks challenging. We need to get just one Lamb to the center of the circle to comfort the baby. Shouldn't be to tough since t...
Leaf Activity Colring Maze Leaf Activity Colring Maze
Look at all the leaves you can color in this maze! Seems the seasons are changing and a cold front is moving in. Can you guide a maple leaf and reunited him wit...
Lion Activity Coloring Maze Lion Activity Coloring Maze
Shhh. The lion stalks his prey, Can you help him find the proper dinner. I think he is meeting his friend the antelope and they together have a reservation at 6...
Mermaid Maze Activity Page Mermaid Maze Activity Page
Our little mermaid needs your help swimming back to the ship. Can you follow the path in the crested waves across the sea? I hope she has a top part to her bath...
Monkey Maze Coloring Activity Page Monkey Maze Coloring Activity Page
What a healthy monkey maze! Our furry friend is trying to get to his fruit for a midday snack. Please, help him through the vines and safely to the banana and a...
Moose Coloring Maze Sheet Moose Coloring Maze Sheet
Help Morley the Moose wade through the great northern pond and get safely to the other side. Watch out for the sink holes below. And i think the trees in the ba...
Mouse Maze Coloring Activity Page Mouse Maze Coloring Activity Page
Look at the sly little mouse peeking out of his hole. He looks a little hungry, can you help him find the cheese? And wen your done you can color the entire she...
Octopus  Coloring Maze Page Octopus Coloring Maze Page
Dive deep into this octo coloring maze sheet. Go underwater and navigate through schools of fish and tangled seaweed to find the sunken treasure.
Pig Activity Color Maze Pig Activity Color Maze
Look at the trough full of slop! Help our pink curly pal get him some dinner. Pig slop can be good eating..if your a pig.
Coloring Pirate Maze Page Coloring Pirate Maze Page
Arrhhg. Help me matey get back to his ship. But careful of the high seas. And don't forget to color the page when you have safely reached your vessel.
Princess Acitivty Color Maze Princess Acitivty Color Maze
It appear her highness need some help getting back to the castle. Guide her and her contents safely there. I think the fancy box holds not a crown but take-out ...
Rabbit Activity Maze Sheet Rabbit Activity Maze Sheet
Help the mother bunny rabbit get to all of her little ones safe and sound. Watch out for the water falls next to the cattails. And don't forget to color the pag...
Rainbow Coloring Page Maze Rainbow Coloring Page Maze
Somewhere over the maze rainbow, is a huge pot of gold! Take a colorful journey down the rainbow and wind your way through the clouds to your treasure.
Seal Sctivity Maze Seal Sctivity Maze
As soon as our trick seal scores the final basket, we can all celebrate with a basket of fresh fish! He shoots, he scores! Yeah, whats the matter you don't like...
Sheep Activity Maze Sheep Activity Maze
Color your way through this page and help the sheep get back to their barn for teh night, Don't even think of jumping over that fence you two.
Snail Activity Coloring Maze Snail Activity Coloring Maze
This could take a while. Can you help Sammy the snail get to son. He seems to always be sliding off ahead of him. Don't forget to color the flowers on this page...
Snake Coloring Maze Page Snake Coloring Maze Page
Help the mother snake get back to her den where her babies are sssssssleeping. And don't forget this is a coloring sheet.
Soccer Coloring Maze Page Soccer Coloring Maze Page
Ok Pele, he is your chance to do your secret sweet soccer kick. Wind up and put it in the net. GOOOOOOOAL! Make sure you color all that beautiful green grass af...
Spring Maze Coloring Sheet Spring Maze Coloring Sheet
Look what farmer John did. He has built a bird house for the mother robin and her chicks. Can you safely guide them all to their new birdhouse?
Coloring Squirrel Maze Coloring Squirrel Maze
Help Stewie the squirrel find the perfect acorn for lunch. You will have to pass up a few to find that special nut. Good Luck, and don't forget to color this sh...
Strawberry Cup Cake Coloring Maze Strawberry Cup Cake Coloring Maze
Can you make fork meet spoon? Try you luck and navigate through the strawberry cup cake maze. And if you run into any dead ends, well you will just have to eat ...
Summer Coloring Page Maze Summer Coloring Page Maze
Get ready to set sail on this summertime setting coloring maze. Swim form shore through the water maze all the way up to the sky and end on the hot summer sun.
Thanksgiving Coloring Maze
Thanksgiving Coloring Maze
Help the pilgrim with his harvest. Don't worry they turkey is going to recommend a great super market where he can find his Thanksgiving Dinner's main course.
 Tiger Maze Coloring Sheet Tiger Maze Coloring Sheet
Can you help this friendly stripped tiger get to his long lost friend? Boy he has some sharp claws, I wonder what he uses those for? Don't forget to color this ...
Train Activity Coloring Maze Train Activity Coloring Maze
Wait, wait for me mountain train! Can you wind your way down the mountain rails and catch up to the steam engine? Be careful not to fall off a cliff or have a b...
Tree Activity Maze Page Tree Activity Maze Page
What a fun looking coloring page maze! See if you can get the bird safely up and over the branches to his birdhouse.
Turtle Coloring Sheet Maze Turtle Coloring Sheet Maze
Slow and steady wins the race my friend. Look like Teddy Turtle is going to pass the finish line with flying colors! The rabbit doesn't have a hare.
Unicorn Maze Activity Color Sheet Unicorn Maze Activity Color Sheet
Guide this mystical creature across the field to the giant castle! Be careful not to loose a shoe. And after you long journey how about some coloring?
Valentine Maze Coloring Page Valentine Maze Coloring Page
All hearts collide in this coloring sheet maze. See if you can make it to the large heart and give him a hug for me.
Whale Maze Activity Coloring Page Whale Maze Activity Coloring Page
Help a poor baby whale find his mother at the end of this maze. Watch the waves and current along the way.
Winter Maze Activity Page Winter Maze Activity Page
The snowman is almost complete. He has his carrot nose, and coal eyes. All he needs now is his broom. Can you help Mike through the snow? Don't forget after you...
Worm Maze Coloring Page Worm Maze Coloring Page
Oh boy does this coloring activity sheet look fun, and healthy too. Mr. Worm is ready to have you guide him to his dinner. So many apples so little time.
Pizza Maze Coloring Sheet Pizza Maze Coloring Sheet
MMMMMMM, the smell of melting mozzarella cheese! Can you take this fresh made pizza and deliver it right into the oven? Don't forget to add the mushrooms, bacon...
Leprechaun Maze Activity Sheet Leprechaun Maze Activity Sheet
Well here we are at the end of the rainbow. Yoou didn't think getting your pot of gold would be that easy did you? Help guide are little green friend through hi...