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Summer coloring pages are great for those cold winter days when kids day dream about the beach and playing in the sun. Please enjoy other seasonal themed coloring pages on our site.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Summer Coloring Fun Summer Coloring Fun
Warm up to this summer beach coloring page. It looks like a perfect day for a picnic on the beach with a friend. Don't forget your swimsuit.
Aloha Summer Coloring Aloha Summer Coloring
Aloha! Here we see a boy waving toy you. I just love summer coloring time! Look at all the flowers to color on his shirt.
Summer Parrot Coloring Picture Summer Parrot Coloring Picture
Looks like this colorful parrot missed his cruise ship vacation. He could just fly aboard, but how wouold carry his suitcase? Seems like it could just be a nice...
Hawaiian Summer Coloring Sheet Hawaiian Summer Coloring Sheet
A wonderful Hawaiian scene with a volcano in the background and many tropical trees and flowers in the foreground. This is a great summer coloring page for you.
Ship Deck Pool Coloring Sheet Ship Deck Pool Coloring Sheet
A summer color sheet of a pool on a giant cruise ship. Look at the star on the smoke stack!
Summer Carnival Coloring Page Summer Carnival Coloring Page
A summer carnival coloring picture of Ferris wheel and all of the carnival rides in the distance. Looks like lots of fun, where is the cotton candy?
Summer Flower Shirt Color Picture Summer Flower Shirt Color Picture
Here is a cool Hawaiian shirt for you to color. it has lots and lots of flowers for your coloring enjoyment.
Roller Coaster Coloring Sheet Roller Coaster Coloring Sheet
Look the kids and families are having some summertime fun in this roller coaster color page. It looks like the ride is coming to an end.
Magical Summer Coloring Picture Magical Summer Coloring Picture
WOW! A princess has decided to take her unicorn for a walk on the beach on a hot summer day. It looks like a couple of butterflies came along to cool off as wel...
Summer Swim Coloring Picture Summer Swim Coloring Picture
Brother and sister having fun swimming at the beach. There's a blanket and radio in this summer coloring page. I hope the one swimming waiting an hour after he ...
Summer Sand Castle Coloring Page Summer Sand Castle Coloring Page
Nothing like making sand castles on the beach. But coloring a summer scene can make you feel like your there, minus the sand in your shoes.
Summer Coloring Page Maze Summer Coloring Page Maze
Get ready to set sail on this summertime setting coloring maze. Swim form shore through the water maze all the way up to the sky and end on the hot summer sun.
Summer Fun Activity Color Sheet Summer Fun Activity Color Sheet
Summer fun at it's finest! Get your feet we with this dot to dot coloring page. Help Bobby Bunny complete his inner tube for the beach!