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Leaf Coloring Pages & Sheets

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Leaf coloring pages and sheets. These pages will help kids learn different types of leaves from Oak to Maple.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Oak Leaf Coloring Sheet Oak Leaf Coloring Sheet
Please enjoy this maple leaf coloring page. A gust of cool autumn air has swept it off it's tree.
Blowing Leaf Coloring Pages Blowing Leaf Coloring Pages
Looks like winter is just around the corner in this leaf color sheet. A farm house in the distance has a fire keeping the farmer nice and cozy.
Oak Leaf Coloring Page Oak Leaf Coloring Page
A leaf scene of a mighty oak tree ridge with acorns all around. Ahh, the harvest of fall. The deer will certainly enjoy all the fallen acorns as long as the squ...
Maple Leaf Coloring Sheet Maple Leaf Coloring Sheet
A free printable picture of a maple leaf. Color this maple any way you like but use a variety of colors. There are so many different colors in the tree during a...
Leaf Activity Colring Maze Leaf Activity Colring Maze
Look at all the leaves you can color in this maze! Seems the seasons are changing and a cold front is moving in. Can you guide a maple leaf and reunited him wit...
Dot to Dot Leaf Coloring Sheet Dot to Dot Leaf Coloring Sheet
Leaf coloring page for connecting the dots. Hope your having a nice autumn this year.