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Once upon a time, on a mountain made of colors far, far away, there were zillions of fairy tale coloring pages just waiting to see the light of day. The unseen fairy tale coloring pages were once guarded by a miner named Coleman. Who sat and ate dinner each night all by his lonesome. He long ago made all the coloring pages for his very own delight. He made princesses who sang songs and wore beautiful dresses while dancing through the night. He drew long bearded pirates who searched the seas for hidden treasures locked down tight. He even sketched dragons who breathed fire, and some of which played basketball and asked for the rim to be moved higher. Coleman's fairy tale color sheets were once made only for him. But as he grew old the lights grew dim. So now, he wants to share his printable fairy tale color pages with you, to add color, sparkle and life to all that you do.

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