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Welcome to the free Halloween coloring pages of Be wary of the super spooky scary Halloween coloring sheets one will find here. We have a few ghost pictures to color that just might give you a fright. But we also have some friendly faces to help you get through the dark and foggy night. But don't forget too print out some of our free witch sheets too. You can really get the pot brewing with the right coloring choices you choose. We will also have a few extra ingredients for the pot of fun. Like Halloween decorations and masks for you to color and cut out. Please enjoy all the free printable Halloween coloring pages and activities we have provided. We wish you a happy and safe Halloween. And remember to be smart and stay safe while trick or treating this year.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Pumpkin Coloring Page Pumpkin Coloring Page
Enjoy this Halloween coloring page of a Jack o lantern pumpkin! He seems not to scary so please share this one with younger trick or treaters.
Scarecrow Coloring Sheet Scarecrow Coloring Sheet
Here we have a scarecrow coloring page where he's just hanging out in the fall breeze. He seems to be doing his job well, i don't see a single bird on this page...
Spooky Tree Coloring Page Spooky Tree Coloring Page
OOOOOOoooohhhhhh. In this Halloween coloring sheet you can see two spooky trees howling through the night! Gosh, they look like they are going to reach out and ...
Ugly Witch Coloring Sheet Ugly Witch Coloring Sheet
I don't know witch is worse? The witch coloring page or having a broken broom? I think she is upset and yelling at the moon because she sat on her broomstick an...
Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Ghost Coloring Sheet Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Ghost Coloring Sheet
AAAAA, a scary ghost coloring picture has scared me. He's popping out of a pumpkin, what a sneaky little fellow. Happy Halloween!
Pumpkin and Black Cat Color Page Pumpkin and Black Cat Color Page
A pumpkin coloring Sheet of with a cat peaking from behind the jack o lantern. I wonder what color you will us on this scary cat. Could it
Black Cat Color Page Black Cat Color Page
A black cat coloring sheet showing him balancing on a fence at night with a crescent moon in the dark distance. Can you say SPOOKY!
Great Pumpkin Coloring Page Great Pumpkin Coloring Page
The great pumpkin color sheet show the head honcho overlooking his patch in the moonlight. It seems like it might hurt a little sitting on that fence. Hmm.
Scary Ghost Coloring Page Scary Ghost Coloring Page
Look quick a ghost in a graveyard getting ready to scare some trick or treaters that might pass by. This ghost color sheet really gives me the willies!
Night Owl Coloring Sheet Night Owl Coloring Sheet
Shhh, a Halloween owl perched on a tree limb over a couple of tombstones make for a perfect scary coloring page. I wonder what the tombstones say, but there is ...
Spider Color Picture Spider Color Picture
This spider might be caught in his own web. I think he is waiting to catch some candy in his web tonight. Either way what a great free spider coloring sheet.
Free Warlock Coloring Page Free Warlock Coloring Page
Free warlock picture to color. This guy is not very handsome at all. But I'm sure he will find a friend just as ugly this Halloween season. Yikes!
Halloween Maze Coloring Page Halloween Maze Coloring Page
Ooooohhh,help the furry bat find his friend Jack-o-Lantern! You will have to look out for the ghosts and be weary of witches on this hallow's eve.
Halloween Activity Coloring Sheet Halloween Activity Coloring Sheet
Don't be scared of this dot to dot coloring page! When your done connecting the dote you will see just how friendly the jack o lantern really is.