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Welcome to the free bible coloring pages of Color We have bible story coloring pages from many of the famous bible stories like Jonah and the whale, Easter Sunday, or maybe you want to start from the beginning with Adam and Eve color sheets. You can also find Catholic Coloring Pages here. Color wants all children young and old to enjoy the religious resource the Lord has created for you. Our bible pictures to color are divided up into, two easy to remember sections, the Old and New Testaments. The free printable Bible coloring pages are a great resource for vacation bible schools, Sunday school teachers, or just for some plain old Bible fun. Check back often to see if our picture collection has grown. Happy coloring and God bless. Don't forget to catch Coleman at the Sunday service.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Jonah and the Whale Coloring Sheet Jonah and the Whale Coloring Sheet
Jonah and the Wale coloring page. This great story comes from the Old Testament. It looks like a scary situation for Jonah right now, but you will learn the col...
Bible Coloring Page Bible Coloring Page
A Bible coloring sheet with a church and the holy book being read by candlelight.
Adam and Eve Coloring Page Adam and Eve Coloring Page
Adam and Eve color sheet in the Garden of Eden. We all know how this story ends. Make sure you use red to color the ever tempting apple.
Moses Ark Coloring Page Moses Ark Coloring Page
A beautiful scene in this coloring sheet! Noah has released a dove to find dry land for him and the animals on the ark.
Christ Resurrection Coloring Page Christ Resurrection Coloring Page
Angle coloring page showing that Jesus Christ has risen.
Nativity Scene Coloring Page Nativity Scene Coloring Page
What a holy night. Please share this nativity coloring sheet with the shepherds and wise men who have come to see the new born king.
Noah Coloring Sheet Noah Coloring Sheet
A color page of Noah on the ark with all of the saved animals.
Garden of Eden Coloring Sheet Garden of Eden Coloring Sheet
The serpent is tempting Eve in the garden of Eden with the forbidden fruit.