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Another new section here at colormountain is the apple coloring pages for kids. Here you can find a few pictures to print including apple dot to dots, mazes, apple pie coloring sheets. If you look very closely, you may even discover a worm in one of the apples (Please don't color that one for your teacher). Check out our nature section for a picture of an apple tree too. Any of these free apple coloring pages can be turned into useful activity sheets for preschoolers including math, crossword puzzles and penmanship worksheets like "A is for Apple". Remember kids... an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Apple Pie Coloring Sheet Apple Pie Coloring Sheet
Mmmmmmmhhhh. The smell of cinnamon and fresh baked apples fill your nose when you look at this apple pie coloring page! Homemade apple pie makes a wonderful des...
Shiney Apple Color Page Shiney Apple Color Page
Look at these shiny red mackintosh apples! One of these should keep the doctor away and when your done coloring the other one, give it top a friend. What a grea...
Granny Smith Apple Coloring Page Granny Smith Apple Coloring Page
Wow! Look at this gorgeous green Granny Smith apple color page. And look it still has the stem and leaf still on it. Don't forget to wash it and your hands befo...
Worm in an Apple Coloring Picture Worm in an Apple Coloring Picture
This free coloring picture has an apple with a bite taken out of it and a worm crawling out from the opposite end of the apple. Ewww.
Apple Maze Activity Sheet Apple Maze Activity Sheet
Pick the right path for the apple to land safely into the orchard basket. And when your done you can have fun coloring the page.
Apple Buch Color Picture Apple Buch Color Picture
Here we have a coloring sheet of three large apples ready to eat. What a healthy and delicious snack.
Hot Apple Pie Coloring Hot Apple Pie Coloring
Mmmmmmm, a hot apple pie color picture. Looks good enough to eat make sure to save a slice for me!
Newton Coloring Page Newton Coloring Page
Isaac Newton discovers gravity when this apple lands on his head. instead of light bulbs we have apples that inspire ideas and thought. But does it inspire colo...
Arrow Coloring Page Arrow Coloring Page
William Tell and the apple. Please do not try this at home. Besides its a safety suction dart.
Apple Dot to Dot Color Page Apple Dot to Dot Color Page
Enjoy this healthy and free apple activity sheet. I think the end result will be delicious!