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Color Mountain

Whale Coloring Sheets

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You're going to have a whale of a time in the whale coloring page section. These free whale color sheets were made from Coleman's whale watch high off the Color Mountain peaks. As you can see Wally the whale has really put on a show for us. You can see him diving deep for some plankton food, or doing a back flip out of the water, and blowing water the whole way through. We don't think this is the last of Wally.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Blue Whale Coloring Page Blue Whale Coloring Page
A great big blue whale coloring page. He's making a splash with his back flips. What a talented whale.
Diving Whale Coloring Sheet Diving Whale Coloring Sheet
What a great picture of a whale diving down deep into the ocean. Dinner is almost served, as long as he can catch all those colorful fish.
Spouting Whale Coloring Page Spouting Whale Coloring Page
This great giant is looking pretty happy in this whale coloring sheet. He has surfaced and spouted a fountain of water high into the ocean air!
Show Whale Coloring Picture Show Whale Coloring Picture
A free printable page of a whale looking right at you and shooting a fountain high up into the air. Maybe he works at Ocean World?
Whale Maze Activity Coloring Page Whale Maze Activity Coloring Page
Help a poor baby whale find his mother at the end of this maze. Watch the waves and current along the way.
Whale Activity Dots Coloring Picture Whale Activity Dots Coloring Picture
Your going to have a whale of a time connecting the dots on this free coloring page! Boy oh boy is he a big blue whale!