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How did the tiger get his stripes? We really aren't sure about that question, but we do know what color to make them. Welcome to the wild side of the mountain with these tiger coloring pages. We hope you have lots of orange crayons on hand. We have a picture of a mother tiger playing with her cubs, along with a free color sheet of a ladybug playing games with a young tiger. Don't get lost in the jungle or in the pile of tiger coloring sheets we have to offer.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Free Tiger Coloring Page Free Tiger Coloring Page
Crouching tiger hidden parrot in this coloring page. The two seem to be passing teh time with a stroll in the jungle. There are many different colors, plant and...
Turned Tiger Coloring Page Turned Tiger Coloring Page
Here's a nice free color picture of a tiger with a jungle landscape behind her. It seems like it would be a nice walk through the jungle.
Twin Tiger Color Sheet Twin Tiger Color Sheet
Here we have two baby twin cubs just hanging around waiting for someone to color their free picture. Make sure you have plenty of orange.
Playing Tiger Coloring Page Playing Tiger Coloring Page
Look at this big orange cat color sheet he seems to want to play with a bug that is walking by. Or maybe the little bug is trying to run away?
 Tiger Maze Coloring Sheet Tiger Maze Coloring Sheet
Can you help this friendly stripped tiger get to his long lost friend? Boy he has some sharp claws, I wonder what he uses those for? Don't forget to color this ...
Tiger Coloring Dot to Dot Page Tiger Coloring Dot to Dot Page
What a wonderful scene on this tiger activity color sheet. Seems like he has the center stage at the circus. Shhh, quite while he performs.