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Squirrelly squirrels came in all shapes and different colors like: gray, black red and brown. And luckily we have all of the above squirrel coloring pages right here on the Color Mountain. Some of our free color pictures show friends gathering nuts for the long cold winter. And others just show them as friends to all, even ladybugs. So grab a handful of nuts for a healthy snack and stock up on free coloring pages of squirrels before winter comes.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Squirrel Coloring Page Squirrel Coloring Page
Look at this Grey Squirrel and acorn coloring page. He seems to be stocking up for the winter months.
Squirrel Coloring Sheet Squirrel Coloring Sheet
A free preschool coloring page of a squirrel in a tree holding an acorn. He is getting ready for the cold long winter. He needs to stock up on nuts to get him t...
Baby Squirrel Color Picture Baby Squirrel Color Picture
Look a baby red squirrel coloring page and he is looking at a little ladybug on a branch. Both look really surprised to see each other.
Tiny Chipmunk Coloring Sheet Tiny Chipmunk Coloring Sheet
Picture of a chipmunk trying to decide what nut to eat for dinner. Can you help him decide?
Coloring Squirrel Maze Coloring Squirrel Maze
Help Stewie the squirrel find the perfect acorn for lunch. You will have to pass up a few to find that special nut. Good Luck, and don't forget to color this sh...
Squirrel Dot to Dot Color Picture Squirrel Dot to Dot Color Picture
Alvin the chipmunk is check out the acorns hanging above his head. Can you finish connecting the dots on this activity page? He seems to be getting quite hungry...