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This little piggy went to the market. And this little piggy stayed home, to color! And the rest went ,WEEE, WEEE, WEEEE all the way to the pig coloring pages section of ColorMountain. Come dine on our swine pictures and print out lots of sheets and stuff your self with a feast of coloring. Some of these guys are real hogs, and you can find them all on the farm, but someday they may join you at the breakfast table. But that's a story for a different day.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

A Porky Pig Color Page A Porky Pig Color Page
Big old porky pig coloring sheet awaits your crayons. Boy does he look happy, maybe the farmer just fed him his slop. Oink, Oink!
Pig Coloring Page Pig Coloring Page
This hog is having a very big corn cob lunch from his trough in this pig color sheet. He sure looks clean for a pig, maybe you could color a little mud on his b...
Piggy Coloring Page Piggy Coloring Page
Look at this little Piggy color sheet. Poor pig is almost to big for his home. And look at all that mud. Yuck! But you know what they say, there is nothing like...
Huge Hog Coloring Page Huge Hog Coloring Page
Here's a free download of a big hog. He's had his fill of corn for the day or maybe the month. He looks like he might get sick.
Pig Activity Color Maze Pig Activity Color Maze
Look at the trough full of slop! Help our pink curly pal get him some dinner. Pig slop can be good eating..if your a pig.
Pig Dot to Dot Activity Page Pig Dot to Dot Activity Page
Go hog wild on this pig coloring page! Looks like he is ready for more corn, but not until after you connect your dots and take a bath curly.