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Octopus Coloring Page

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Wow, imagine how many crayons and how much coloring you could do with eight arms. We dove deep into the ocean and found a treasure of octopus coloring pages. Oliver the octopus can be scene napping in a sunken treasure, or taking it easy in a giant claim shell. But don't give him a fright or the water will cloud up dark as night. Hold your breath, its going to take you a long time to get all those arms colored.

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Octopus Coloring Sheet Octopus Coloring Sheet
Mr. Octopus in this coloring page appears to be having a conversation with a clam. And he has scared him because there is ink all over!
Octopus Party Color Sheet Octopus Party Color Sheet
Look at the fun time we are having here. Ozzy the octopus is hanging out on the ocean floor talking with his fishy friends. Don't forget to color the coral.
Octopus Coloring Page Octopus Coloring Page
Our octopus friend is showning Sammy Shark the shipwreck he found the other day. The hole in the side of the ship looks like bite marks. I wonder if Sammy Shark...
Free Octopus Coloring Picture Free Octopus Coloring Picture
A nice color page of a buried treasure chest with an octopus climbing inside of it. I wonder where he would spend all the gold from inside. Would they call the ...
Octopus  Coloring Maze Page Octopus Coloring Maze Page
Dive deep into this octo coloring maze sheet. Go underwater and navigate through schools of fish and tangled seaweed to find the sunken treasure.
Octopus Activity Color Page Octopus Activity Color Page
Take a deep breath and swim to the bottom of the ocean floor to complete this activity coloring sheet. But be careful of the tremendous tentacles.