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AAWWW, how cheesy! Nibble on these mouse coloring pages and sheets. We have got mice, some can see and some are blind. ( great song by the way ) Mice eating crackers and others trying to fool a trap so he doesn't get his arm caught in a smacker! We even have a picture of a mechanical toy mouse that winds up and runs into the wall..ouch!

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Cracker Eating Mouse Coloring Page Cracker Eating Mouse Coloring Page
The mouse in this coloring picture is feasting on a cracker someone left behind. Too bad he doesn't have some sopup to go with it.
Tricky Mouse Color Sheet Tricky Mouse Color Sheet
This guy is poking at some cheese on a mouse trap. You can see his mouse hole in the wall. He might be too smart, and would be better off using his knowledge on...
Toy Mouse Coloring Picture Toy Mouse Coloring Picture
A windup toy mouse with some other toys scattered around in this free coloring page. Can you name the letter on the wooden block?
Swiss Cheese Mouse Color Picture Swiss Cheese Mouse Color Picture
A Swiss mouse coloring page showcasing the enormous appetite this tiny mouse really has. Where does he put all that cheese? In his tail?
Mouse Maze Coloring Activity Page Mouse Maze Coloring Activity Page
Look at the sly little mouse peeking out of his hole. He looks a little hungry, can you help him find the cheese? And wen your done you can color the entire she...
Mouse Dot Coloring Sheet Mouse Dot Coloring Sheet
Look at the tiny mouse in this activity color page. I really think he is pointing out who cut the cheese.