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The ColorMountain has searched high and low to find these gentle giants in the deep northern woods. Our moose coloring pages can calm the busiest of beavers. These sheets take you into the heart of the forest and the life of a moose. From wading in a swamp chewing up grass, to the mighty male bull moose rubbing his antlers. Moose are such great creature they named ice cream after them, ask an adult to find you some.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Big Moose Coloring Page Big Moose Coloring Page
Color sheet of a moose with a gigantic rack in northern country. Be careful not to step on your friend Mr. Duck, and don't forget to color the cattails.
Bathing Moose Coloring Sheet Bathing Moose Coloring Sheet
A fee printable coloring page of a moose in a lake with weeds on his antlers. Seems like he is having bath and dinner time together. Where are his moose manners...
Moose Rub Color Page Moose Rub Color Page
Mr. Moose is rubbing his antlers on a great northern pine tree. It must be late summer in the north country. He is getting ready for mating season.
Free Printable Moose Coloring Page Free Printable Moose Coloring Page
Bobby Beaver and Marven Moose are having a deep conversation in this color sheet. I think it's about the busy beaver flooding Marven's bedding area. Can't we al...
Moose Coloring Maze Sheet Moose Coloring Maze Sheet
Help Morley the Moose wade through the great northern pond and get safely to the other side. Watch out for the sink holes below. And i think the trees in the ba...
Moose Dot to Dot Sheet Moose Dot to Dot Sheet
You are going to have a great time connecting all the dots on this coloring page! Straight from the north country Marven the Moose needs help with the antler do...