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You'll go bananas for the monkey coloring pages of It is our business, monkey business that is. Monkey madness has taken over. Color as many as you can and shove them all in a barrel. We think this free picture section can be a lot of fun, and lead to healthy snacks. So go ahead it is ok to monkey around here, but remember no little monkeys jumping on the bed!

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Monkey Coloring Sheet Monkey Coloring Sheet
Here we have a coloring page of monkey with his favorite treat, Bananas! I hope you like fruit just as much as Mr. Monkey does.
Chimpanzee Coloring Page Chimpanzee Coloring Page
The Chimpanzee in this color sheet looks like we wants a friend to play ball with. Maybe you could add a little color to this picture and make this chimp cheer.
Coconut Monkey Coloring Sheet Coconut Monkey Coloring Sheet
A free printable picture of a monkey with some fruit in the jungle. He will be having coconuts for dinner. Maybe he will make one of those fancy tropical drinks...
Banana Monkey Coloring Page Banana Monkey Coloring Page
A Free coloring page of a monkey with his banana dinner. Do you think he would be willing to share? I wonder if he knows the power of peanut butter and banana s...
Monkey Maze Coloring Activity Page Monkey Maze Coloring Activity Page
What a healthy monkey maze! Our furry friend is trying to get to his fruit for a midday snack. Please, help him through the vines and safely to the banana and a...
Monkey Coloring Dot to Dots Monkey Coloring Dot to Dots
A very excited monkey activity color page. After you done connecting the monkeys dots he might ask to share is healthy banana snack.