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ROOOOARRR! Welcome to the royal realm of the king of the jungle. is please to provide lion coloring pages to you. Our section contains not only the great beasts of Africa, but we do have a few ColorMountain lions also for you to color. While you color have a parent tell you the story about the lion and the mouse. It's a great way to color and learn, what do you say?

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Posing Lion Color Page Posing Lion Color Page
Look at this a coloring picture of the great lion king. Looks happy to see you, i hope he has had lunch already.
Free Lion Coloring Page Free Lion Coloring Page
We have all heard this story. Do you recognize the tale told in this lion coloring sheet? The lion has a thorn stuck in his paw and maybe the little mouse will ...
Roaring Lion Coloring Sheet Roaring Lion Coloring Sheet
This loud plains lion coloring page is ready for you to color. Look at those powerful jaws. I still can't tell if he is roaring or yawing at me?
Lioness Coloring Page Lioness Coloring Page
Look what we have here a lioness coloring sheet. This mommy is taking care of her little cub. Look at all the beautiful tall grass and trees in the background.
Lion Activity Coloring Maze Lion Activity Coloring Maze
Shhh. The lion stalks his prey, Can you help him find the proper dinner. I think he is meeting his friend the antelope and they together have a reservation at 6...
Lion Dot to Dot Color Sheet Lion Dot to Dot Color Sheet
Let out a loud roar when you finish your dot connecting activity. Who knew coloring could be such a mane event.