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Free printable lamb coloring sheets and pages for your preschooler to download and paint. Look at these baaa-utiful pictures of gentle lambs on the farm. Save and sound far away from any harm. We have got them trying to jump the fence, and others having a little chat with their rabbit friend Vince. We hope you find peace while coloring and enjoying these fluffy friends.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Free Lambs Coloring Free Lambs Coloring
It looks like two lambs are going for a walk in the pasture. And their friend Rosa Robin came along. Don't forget to color the fence.
Sitting Lamb Coloring Sheet Sitting Lamb Coloring Sheet
The two lambs in this coloring page are taking a break in the hot summer sun. Don't worry you two, soon the farmer will get the sheers and you'll be feeling rat...
Black Sheep Coloring Sheet Black Sheep Coloring Sheet
Well there is one in every family. What we have here folks is a black sheep coloring page. He is misbehaving and trying to jump the farmers fence. Maybe he shou...
Lamb Color Sheet Lamb Color Sheet
Lamb and bunny have a talk with each other about the beautiful flowers in this coloring page. Don't forget to color the big barn in the background.
Lamb Circle Coloring Maze Lamb Circle Coloring Maze
Oh boy. This coloring circle maze looks challenging. We need to get just one Lamb to the center of the circle to comfort the baby. Shouldn't be to tough since t...
Lamb Activity Coloring Page Lamb Activity Coloring Page
Enjoy connecting the dots on this free coloring sheet. A nice picture of a mother and her lamb going for a summer stroll along the fence.