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Kangaroo Coloring Page

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Well little Joey, it looks like you have hopped into the kangaroo coloring pages. We have roo's standing in the hot Australian sun and some with boxing gloves on just for fun. Our kangaroos are having so much fun, playing in the rain or baking in the hot sun. Maybe you could pretend to be a kangaroo and put a few crayons in your shirt pocket or apron pouch. Just remember to take them out before mama-roo does the laundry.

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Kangaroo Coloring Page Kangaroo Coloring Page
This kangaroo seems to be dancing in the rain. He had better take out that umbrella if he doesn't want to get his crayons all wet. If i were a kangaroo i would ...
Kangaroo Coloring Sheet Kangaroo Coloring Sheet
Coloring page of a mother kangaroo with her baby joey in her pouch. Seems like the sun is shinning bright and they are having a great day together. Hope they pa...
Boxing Kangaroo Coloring Page Boxing Kangaroo Coloring Page
Ding, Ding, it's time to get into the color ring. And in this corner we have a kangaroo coloring sheet and in the other corner, a person ready and willing with ...
Loving Kangaroo Coloring Picture Loving Kangaroo Coloring Picture
Awwww, look what we have here. A mother kangaroo coloring sheet, and she is looking down at her little joey with loving eyes. What a great way to travel.
Kangaroo Activity Maze Page Kangaroo Activity Maze Page
Little Joey would like to get back to his mommy and sleep in the nice warm pouch. See if you can safely guide him back to her. Well go ahead, hop to it! And don...
Kangaroo Dot to Dot Activity Color Page Kangaroo Dot to Dot Activity Color Page
Hop right into this activity coloring sheet! Here we have a mother kangaroo and her baby joey along for the ride.