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Rib bit, rib bit. Leap into the frog coloring pages section of and find your favorite frog page. We have pictures of frogs just hanging out on lily pads, and others just leaping for fun. Although you can make these free frog coloring sheets a thing of beauty, don't kiss them an expect them to turn into a prince. Besides frogs taste horrible, unless your in France.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Fat Frog Coloring Sheet Fat Frog Coloring Sheet
The frog looks hungry in this free coloring page. He's sizing up a fly while balancing on a little lily pad. Can you count the number of spots he has?
Bull Frog Color Page Bull Frog Color Page
A rather nice free coloring sheet of a bullfrog sitting and chilling on a lily pad with a few cattails to keep him cool. I feel sorry for the fly that passes by...
Leap Frog Coloring Sheet Leap Frog Coloring Sheet
Frog looks like it's going to leap right of the coloring pages. Be careful he doesn't land on your coloring page!
Bull Frog Coloring Sheet Bull Frog Coloring Sheet
A free printable coloring page of a bull frog covered in spots sitting in the cattails on a lily pad.
Frog Activity Maze Page Frog Activity Maze Page
Help the bull frog get a snack. Guide his hops from lily pads to pads until he catches the bug with his tongue. And please color the maze when you are done.
Frog Activity Coloring Page Frog Activity Coloring Page
Billy the bull frog would like you help him connect the dots! Not the ones on his slimy back but connect the ones with numbers beside them. Make sure your color...