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Free to print and color are these sly little fox coloring pages from Some sheets are just friends like fox and mouse, hanging out in the woods We have other pages that capture a friendly family moment. You can also find scenes of a family outside their cozy cave after enjoying a great meal, or foxes enjoying a great game of hide and seek.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Free Family of Foxes for Coloring Free Family of Foxes for Coloring
Look how cute, three fox pups looking out of their den in this free fox coloring picture. And it all takes place next to the river in the forest.
Sly Fox Color Sheet Sly Fox Color Sheet
A nice coloring page of a fox talking with a friendly mouse. I wonder what the conversation is all about? I hope they aren't talking about dinner because the fo...
Coloring Page of Two Foxes Coloring Page of Two Foxes
A wonderful color sheet of two red foxes in the forest. Either they are playing hide and seek or they might be a little upset with each other. Hmmm.
Fox Family Coloring Sheet Fox Family Coloring Sheet
Here's a printable picture of a fox with a her of pups outside their den. Looks like they just had dinner. I hope those left over bones don't belong to any of o...
Fox Activity Maze Color Sheet Fox Activity Maze Color Sheet
I'm not sure if we should be having these two meet. But they say everything is fine and that its not uncommon that a fox and a mouse are friends.....yeah right....
Fox Dot to Dot Coloring Page Fox Dot to Dot Coloring Page
A not so friendly fox is trying to catch his dinner along the river back in this activity coloring sheet. Make sure you use really bright colors on the trouts s...