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And how could ColorMountain ever forget the elephant coloring pages!? Grab a bag of peanuts and settle in for a circus of crayons and coloring. We have elephants doing various tricks and stunts while under the big top. But we also have a coloring sheet with elephants roaming across the African plains in their natural habitat. Just make sure to get out of their way...and fast.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Elephant Coloring Sheet Elephant Coloring Sheet
Wow, look its an elephant picture to color. He is getting ready to balance on a ball with a big star on it. Be careful Dumbo!
Scared Elephant Coloring Picture Scared Elephant Coloring Picture
This elephant seems to be very scared of the tiny little mouse. I think the mouse is trying to share his coloring sheets and crayons with the giant elephant. I ...
Circus Elephant Coloring Page Circus Elephant Coloring Page
Come one, come all, and see this magnificent circus elephant coloring sheet. He is taking an introductory bow, welcome to the big show Dumbo! Kids, don;t forget...
Free Wild Elephant Color Page Free Wild Elephant Color Page
Look what we have here, a natural setting habitat for our elephant coloring sheet. It's so nice to see the gentle giant roaming free on the plains.
Elephant Maze Coloring Activity Sheet Elephant Maze Coloring Activity Sheet
Dumbo would like you to help him get to his peanuts. And believe me, you don't want to anger an elephant. Why don't you add some color with your crayons after y...
Elephant Activity Dots Elephant Activity Dots
A very talented elephant in this free coloring sheet. He is so big that the entire circus ring is being used just for him!