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Flipper would be having a ball in the free dolphin coloring pages of We have dolphin pictures to color in the wide open wild waves of the ocean, enjoying a good day swim and putting on a show for the people on the boat. While other dolphins just seem to be fooling around in a pool and playing catch.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Twin Dolphin Coloring Sheet Twin Dolphin Coloring Sheet
Can you picture this! two dolphins swimming and diving in and out of the ocean in this free color page. Even the birds have stopped by to watch all the fun.
Fun Free Dolphin Coloring Page Fun Free Dolphin Coloring Page
Wow, what a nice dolphin color sheet we have here. It shows a dolphin bouncing a ball off it's nose and into the fresh ocean air. Look like a lot of beach fun.
Diving Dolphin Coloring Page Diving Dolphin Coloring Page
A nice dolphin coloring sheet showing a dolphin jumping out of the warm ocean water as a cruise ship passes by.
Trick Dolphins Color Page Trick Dolphins Color Page
This page has a couple of dolphins side by side leaping out of the water. Maybe you could color them and draw a hoop for them to dive through.
Dolphin Maze Coloring Activity Page Dolphin Maze Coloring Activity Page
Guide flipper to the top of the ocean, so he can jump waves with his friend along side the cruise ships.
Dolphin Dot to Dot Activity Page Dolphin Dot to Dot Activity Page
Where do we start? Do you color the ball before you connect the dolphin dots?