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Bookmark and Share's best friend. Welcome to the dog coloring pages section. A collie named molly and Polly the poodles are sitting pretty and waiting for you to color! You won't be stuck in the doghouse here. There are plenty of four legged friends ready to give you a friend in need. Just don't expect them to fetch, or pick up your crayons when you are done coloring. ( That's your job, not your Mom's)

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Distinguished Dog Free Color Page Distinguished Dog Free Color Page
A stately dog coloring sheet standing proud and tall ready to be colored. I think he would lovely in gray.
Collie Coloring Printout Collie Coloring Printout
Printable coloring page of a collie dog on the lookout for trouble on the farm. I hope the chickens are ok.
Pretty Poodle Color Sheet Pretty Poodle Color Sheet
Enjoy this French poodle coloring page. She just might be posing for a dog glamor magazine called the Milk bone Monthly.
Cute Puppy Coloring Sheet Cute Puppy Coloring Sheet
Look at this cute puppy dog coloring page. This little guy looks like he could be your best friend. And he appears to have a great owner because he has a collar...
Dog Maze Coloring Activity Dog Maze Coloring Activity
Put this dog in his doghouse! I know the bone looks tempting, but the house has a warm bed and dish full of his favorite food. Go ahead and start coloring the p...
Dog Dot to Dot Coloring Page Dog Dot to Dot Coloring Page
What a treat. This shaggy dog is sitting pretty for you until you finish drawing him dot by dot. Don't forget to color spots on him when your done connecting th...