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Free printable Dinosaur coloring pages and sheets. Enjoy this section of great classic images that have been dug up just for you. T-Rex is roaring and ready for you to color him bad. Triceratops is also looking a little pale, and needs some color soon. It has been a few million years since these scaly scoundrels have seen the light of day. We hope you enjoy all the wild and crazy dinosaur pictures to color before them become extinct.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Brontosaurous Coloring Sheet Brontosaurous Coloring Sheet
This coloring page has got one long necked dinosaur and he can see everything from up there. Your arms might be a little short to color his head.
Stegosaurus Color Page Stegosaurus Color Page
The gig stegosaurus dinosaur color sheet where he is looking for something along the riverbank. I hope he finds something other than me for dinner!
Leptoceratops Coloring Page Leptoceratops Coloring Page
This leptoceratops dinosaur coloring picture shows the big guy ready to cross a river. You can find many dinos wandering around here at the str...
Cartoon Dinosaur Coloring Sheet Cartoon Dinosaur Coloring Sheet
It's the dinosaur waiting for you to color his picture. You can always find him grazing on shrubs at the foot hills of the coloring mountain!
Dinosaur Maze Activity Color Sheet Dinosaur Maze Activity Color Sheet
Help the baby brontosaurus give his mommy a kiss. Be careful not to trip over her large tail! I hope that volcano doesn't erupt anytime soon. And please do colo...
Dinosaur Dot to Dot Coloring Page Dinosaur Dot to Dot Coloring Page
Get ready to take it back a notch. Well maybe take it back a millions years or so. I don't know if numbers or even dots were invented back then. Either way ejoy...