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Here kitty, kitty! Welcome to the cat coloring pages section of Color Mountain. Snuggle up to a purrrr-fect selection of cat coloring sheets. From kittens to big fat cats, from Fluffy to Puffy, big and small, we have them all! Some of the cats are standing tall, while other are having fun playing with a yarn ball! But don't forget to color a picture of the stray cat that walks the fence.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Cute Cat Coloring Sheet Cute Cat Coloring Sheet
This cat coloring page features a close up picture of mister whiskers. He seems to be looking very hard at something. I bet it's a big ball of yarn.
Cat King Coloring Page Cat King Coloring Page
Here we have a fluffy fat cat, in this color sheet, sitting on a silk pillow. Things seem to be going purrrrrrrfect for him right now. I would use a nice purple...
Catwalking Cat Color Sheet Catwalking Cat Color Sheet
Picture this, a black kitty cat balancing on a fence under the moonlight. Twinkle, twinkle little cat, how I wonder where you at? Don't fall kitty.
Playing Cat Coloring Page Playing Cat Coloring Page
Here is a nice coloring picture of a cat playing with its favorite ball. There are some beautiful stripes on this scruffy kitty.
Cat Activity Coloring Maze Cat Activity Coloring Maze
Help the lazy cat through the maze and to his tiny mouse friend. Don't worry about them they are great friends. Try coloring the maze page when your done too.
Cat Dot to Dot Color Picture Cat Dot to Dot Color Picture
Looks like the cat and mouse in this activity page are good friends. But you know looks can be deceiving.
Slumber Cat Color Page Slumber Cat Color Page
Talk about a cat nap. Seems the owner really likes their cat and their coloring sheets. Just look at that pillow it's bigger than the one on my bed!
Tabby Cat Coloring Tabby Cat Coloring
This cute little tabby kitten looks ready to pounce.
Cat and mouse Coloring Page Cat and mouse Coloring Page
This little kitty has got a mouse by the tail. I think they are playing a nice game of tag. No funny business in this color sheet.
Free Printable Cat Coloring Page Free Printable Cat Coloring Page
This cat is looking for someone to play with. All that yarn and nobody around. It is a shame to see. I hope you have some friend to help you color today.