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Welcome to the butterfly coloring pages section of Color Mountain. From the tiny caterpillar stage to the monarch butterfly spreading her wings for the first time, we have coloring pages for every stage of a butterfly's life. Not to mention we also have some moths flapping their powdered wings through the night.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Butterfly and Caterpillar Coloring Page Butterfly and Caterpillar Coloring Page
There is a butterfly on this printable color sheet getting ready to spread his new wings. And if you look closely a caterpillar hanging down getting ready to ma...
Cocoon Printable Coloring Page Cocoon Printable Coloring Page
Free coloring picture of a couple cocoons and butterflies hanging out on a vine with a caterpillar. Just think of all the crayons you could use on the butterfly...
Big Beautiful Butterfly Coloring Print Out Big Beautiful Butterfly Coloring Print Out
Look at this magnificent monarch butterfly coloring page. One could use twenty different colors on her wide wings alone!
Nightime Moth Coloirng Sheet Nightime Moth Coloirng Sheet
Coloring page of a moth flying in the night sky over the city. I hope he doesn't fly into my closet, I haven't place any moth balls yet.
Butterfly Activity Maze Coloring Page Butterfly Activity Maze Coloring Page
Help the floating butterfly get to the flower. And when your done with the maze you can color the entire sheet.
Butterfly Activity Dots Page Butterfly Activity Dots Page
A beautiful butterfly spreading his wings colorful wings wide. Connect the dots and let her float on by.
Crawling Butterfly Coloring Page Crawling Butterfly Coloring Page
What a pretty butterfly climbing a flower's stem. I think he might be ready to take flight.
Free Coloring Butterflies Free Coloring Butterflies
Picture of a group of butterflies fluttering around a daisy. They all look so pretty, your going to have so much fun coloring them, and a sore wrist.
Smiling Butterfly Printable Picture Smiling Butterfly Printable Picture
This butterfly is trying to decide between two daisies. Sometimes life has some tough decisions for us. Like which crayons to use on these beautiful butterfly w...
Butterfly Sunflower Coloring Sheet Butterfly Sunflower Coloring Sheet
This butterfly looks very happy to have found a sunflower patch. Do you think butterflies eat sunflower seeds? I know I do!