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We here at admit we have some very busy, busy beavers. They are already to go and waiting your coloring needs. Our beaver coloring pages have a great sense of naturalism and showcase the little critters in the way one could find them working away in the wild. So get those crayons out but don't chew on them. Save that for the busy beavers.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Beaver Coloring Page Beaver Coloring Page
This busy beaver is hanging out under a log in this beaver coloring page. I think he starting to build a brand new home.
Busy Beavers Coloriong Sheet Busy Beavers Coloriong Sheet
A free coloring picture of two beavers making their lodge. It seems like the perfect spot too, right next to the cattails.
Chewing Beaver Coloring Picture Chewing Beaver Coloring Picture
Free printable color sheet of a beaver chewing down a tree for his new home. I wonder if wood tastes good? I don't but I would think it would need some salt.
Big Beaver Coloring Page Big Beaver Coloring Page
Chew on this. A free picture of a big beaver all ready to be colored by you. He looks really tired after chewing down the birch tree for his lodge.
Beaver Activity Maze Coloring Sheet Beaver Activity Maze Coloring Sheet
Bernie the beaver needs to get back to his home before dark. Can you help him home through the river and log filled forest? Don't forget to color the maze when ...
Beaver Activity Coloring Page Beaver Activity Coloring Page
Bobby the beaver has been busy! Just look at this dot to dot color sheet. He as been chewing down all the trees in the forest for his new lodge.
Buddy Beaver Color Sheet Buddy Beaver Color Sheet
Here is a couple of beavers having a chat on the river bank. They are probably talking bout cutting down trees.
Working Beaver Color Sheet Working Beaver Color Sheet
This beaver is taking a freshly chewed log to the build site for a lodge. Boy would i like a little cabin on the river deep in the woods. And I pass the time co...
Building Beaver Coloring Page Building Beaver Coloring Page
Timber! Look out for this coloring page of a beaver pushing down a tree that's been freshly chewed.
Busy Beave Coloring Sheet Busy Beave Coloring Sheet
This fury beaver is putting the finishing touches on his lodge. A little more mud here, and a little more there.