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Teddy Bear Coloring Pages and Sheets

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Welcome to the teddy bear coloring pages section of Color Mountain. Don't worry our bears don't bite. Check out the variety of bears we have to offer: polar bears, grizzly bears, black bears and, of course, teddy bears. And your bear can be any color you want, even pink or purple! So snuggle up to the warmest and cutest bear coloring pages on the net.

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Circus Bear Coloring Sheet Circus Bear Coloring Sheet
This coloring page features a great big brown bear balancing on a ball with circus tents. Watch out for the peanuts bear! What color do you think the large circ...
Grizzly Bear Color Page Grizzly Bear Color Page
Here is a free coloring sheet of a big old grizzly bear catching a fresh fish from the cold stream.
Teddy Bear Coloring Pages Teddy Bear Coloring Pages
Free furry teddy bear coloring pages to print. This little bear is full of stuffing ready to play patty cake and have some coloring fun with an artist just like...
Bear Maze Activity Color Page Bear Maze Activity Color Page
Be careful and help the freezing cold grizzly bear find his cave so he can start his hibernation. When done you can color the maze!
Brown Bear Coloring Page Brown Bear Coloring Page
A wonderful picture of a big brown bear eating a fresh fish from a mountain stream.
Hibernating Bear Color Sheet Hibernating Bear Color Sheet
A nice coloring page of a hibernating bear asleep in his den.
Climbing Bear Color Page Climbing Bear Color Page
This big bear is after some honey in a tree. Stay back you might get stung by the bees.
Honey Bear Coloring Page Honey Bear Coloring Page
Momma bear is checking out this bee hive to see if there is any honey in it.
Sliding Bear Coloring Sheet Sliding Bear Coloring Sheet
This bear pauses to take a look at you. Maybe he should check the bee hive for honey or for coloring pages and crayons!
Bear Dot to Dot Coloring Page Bear Dot to Dot Coloring Page
This honey Bear might have upset the buzzing bees. Why don't you help him out and finish his dots to make his fur.
Koala Beasr Coloirng Page Koala Beasr Coloirng Page
This little Koala bear his getting ready for a fruit snack.
Panda Bear Coloring Page Panda Bear Coloring Page
Big panda bear hanging out in the sugar cane. I don't think will need to use the color white. Unless you are printing this page on color paper.