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Welcome to the number coloring pages section of Color Mountain. Mix up the 123s with the ABC's and discover how learning can be fun!

Select a picture to print out, color online, or to turn into an activity worksheet.

Number One Coloring Sheet Number One Coloring Sheet
One is not the loneliest number it's where it all begins. If you can count to one then your ready for coloring it.
Number Two Coloring Page Number Two Coloring Page
The best thing about 2 is there is always a friend. A friend to share with and a friend to color with. We hope you have more than two crayons to share, and if y...
Number Three Coloring Sheet Number Three Coloring Sheet
On your mark, get set, GO! The three coloring page is ready for you. You could print out 3 copies and have a color race of your own. Good Luck to all and rememb...
Number Four Color Sheet Number Four Color Sheet
The sum of 2 plus 2 will get you four. Enjoy our number 4 color page with friends and family. Can you think of anything that comes in groups of four?
Number Five Color Page Number Five Color Page
The number 5 is half of ten. You could add three and two together to get the sum of five. Can you find the many different ways to get to the sum of 5? Think ab...
Number Coloring Page Number Coloring Page
The number six is a special number. It's one more than five and one less than seven. Tongue twister are a fun thing to say while coloring sheets. Try, A six sea...
Number Seven Coloring Sheet Number Seven Coloring Sheet
Seven is a super number. Some people consider it to be lucky. We would like nothing more than to see it filled with colors. And we feel that you are lucky to ha...
Number Eight Color Sheet Number Eight Color Sheet
Eight is the sum of four plus four, or six plus two. Coloring pages with numbers can lead to building mathematical equations with the colorful numbers for more ...
Number Nine Color Page Number Nine Color Page
Being one less than ten and one more than eight, number nine is divine. Some say cats have nine lives, but we think that's nine more coloring pages for your enj...
Number Ten Color Sheet Number Ten Color Sheet
The number 10 is one of the best numbers out there. If multiplied by itself you would have 100! If one to multiple 100 by 10 then you would have 1000! And if on...
Number Eleven Color Page Number Eleven Color Page
Don't be confused about the number eleven coloring sheet. It may look like two ones side-by-side, but its value is ten plus one.
Number Twelve Coloring Sheet Number Twelve Coloring Sheet
The number twelve is a popular number. It comes right after eleven and just before thirteen. But the best place to really see twelve in action is the fridge. If...
0 Number Color Page 0 Number Color Page
Go ahead ahead and start coloring this zero, there's really nothing to it.